Start of God Knows What

This a blog. I think. I have started one on a whim in the hopes of sharing a carnival of thoughts, themes, tunes, films and……other things. I haven’t quite planned yet.

Recently I’ve had the time to think, probably a bit too much, and it has given me the opportunity to take up new hobbies – to paint the rather empty canvas of time with new things. What comes to mind are the following:

  • Music reviews explorations
  • Film reviews inspections
  • My own home-baked music
  • Travel tips and experiences
  • Book reviews enquiries
  • I don’t like the word ‘reviews’ anymore
  • We’ll see

As I once heard from some blurry quote in the back of my mind ‘the best way of learning is teaching’ and so that is exactly what I shall do – share stuff I’ve discovered and believe to be true in a controlled environment (aka. my own blog).

Here’s to whatever that conjures up,

The Man


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